Important News

ECU Emissions Programming

The ECU programming for OBD2013 and newer emissions vehicles will include programming for the Engine ECM, Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM), Transmission ECU (TECU) and Vehicle ECU.  We are required to provide access to program certain emissions related ECU’s under the Service Information Requirement law, step 2013.   Both the EPA and CARB require this.  The following EPA software reprogramming requirement is described on page 8418 EPA OBD & SIR: 40 CFR Part 86.010-38.

The 2.5.65 update “What’s New” help file is not accurate for the North America vehicles.  Please disregard.   The correct information can be found in the March FAQ document.

Premium Tech Tool 2.03 is no longer supported and can only be used in offline mode.  Please update your Premium Tech Tool computers to avoid interruption.

Client update 2.04.87 is required when using Premium Tech Tool version 2.04. This required update is due to the expiration of the embedded licensed version of Java.  Click here for details  on “How to Update PTT using the Client Update Utility”

We strongly encourage all dealers and fleets to use the current version.

OBD changes in 2016, click here.

License Agreement, click here to view.

New Networking Requirements, click here to view.