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Version 2.7.25 Release – December 5, 2018, click here .

Vocom II Update news

December, 2018

Updates to the Windows driver software (SW) and hardware device firmware (FW) for the Vocom II (88894000) have been released to address issues related to J1939 communication, operational performance and automatic update of Vocom II FW. These updates are found in Vocom II SW version “”

For new Vocom II devices and Tech Tool clients that have not been updated recently it is recommended that this be done asap.

Tech Tool 2.7 includes the Vocom II version “” with updates being handled in the Tech Tool Client Update (CLUP).  The Vocom II will be updated automatically from TT 2.7 forward.

Tech Tool 2.6 however requires that Vocom II SW version “” be installed manually to get fixes and enable future updates via CLUP. (available for download from the support page. (link)  )

Tech Tool 2.7 version is being sent out to all active Tech Tool users now.   The distribution should be completed by the end of February, 2019.   If you are having issues with Tech Tool or Vocom II operation please submit a concern report or contact the Help Desk. For assistance with expediting delivery of Tech Tool version 2.7 please call the Help Desk @ 877.978.6586.

Updated Networking Requirements, click here to view.
VOCOM II is now available and is compatible with version 2.6.xx and newer.    For VOCOM II firmware and instructions click here.

Support for PTT version 2.5 will end March 2019.  Support for PTT version 2.04 has ended.  

ECU Emissions Programming

The ECU programming for OBD2013 and newer emissions vehicles will include programming for the Engine ECM, Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM), Transmission ECU (TECU) and Vehicle ECU.  We are required to provide access to program certain emissions related ECU’s under the Service Information Requirement law, step 2013.   Both the EPA and CARB require this.  The following EPA software reprogramming requirement is described on page 8418 EPA OBD & SIR: 40 CFR Part 86.010-38.

OBD changes in 2016, click here.

License Agreement, click here to view.