April Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The April Premium Tech Tool frequently asked questions are now available for viewing. This document covers the most important need-to-know information about Premium Tech Tool.

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Tips of the Month: 

This release of Tech Tool 2.7 will include New features and Changes.  To name a few…

  • The odometer (mileage) value of the connected product will now be shown in the Product Identification screen as well as recorded into Product History log.
  • Tech Tool will now automatically detect any VOCOM adapter connected via USB.
  • New version of VOCOM II firmware. Click here to download.
  • Tech Tool now has the ability to read and clear fault codes communicating on J1939 (Example: Bendix Fusion system).  Note that all fault tracing for Bendix Fusion must be done using Bendix ACOM.

Sometimes when connecting to a vehicle, Tech Tool shows the Climate unit (MID 146) as being offline; what can cause this?

A common cause is a vehicle with Low Battery Voltage.  Some vehicles are equipped with a Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) that can disconnect the power to certain circuits, like the climate unit.   The correction is to check and charge the batteries.  Low vehicle batteries can also cause an programming error code 207 “Could not set broadcast state for all nodes”.   To learn more about the LVD, read the LVD Description, Design and Function found in Impact.

For more information about new features and changes, please visit our website or What’s new…and the Help file under the Help Menu within the Tech Tool Application.