April Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The April Premium Tech Tool Frequently Asked Questions are now available for viewing. This document covers the most important need-to-know information about Premium Tech Tool.  To search document using keywords, use Window shortcut keys Ctrl+F

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Tip of the Month

Hub Managed Diagnostics (HMD) – A New Diagnostic Process

HMD is a new Diagnose layout in Tech Tool that allows the technician to approach fault tracing in their preferred order.

HMD offers Step by Step Diagnostics, Suggested Test Sequences, Electrical Schematics and much more.  (Please note: not all fault codes offer HMD at this time.)

Explore HMD by utilizing the Self Guided DEMO scenarios below:

Fault Tracing Scenario 1: P244A00

This truck’s EATS system needs attention. The ECM control unit has set the P244A00 fault code.  Click here to enter Demo.

Fault Tracing Scenario 2: P20DA00

This truck’s hydrocarbon injection system needs attention. The ECM control unit has set the P20DA00 fault code signaling an electrical issue.  Click here to enter Demo.