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July Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The July Premium Tech Tool frequently asked questions are now available for viewing. This document covers the most important need-to-know information about Premium Tech Tool.

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Tip of the Month:  When I program a single ECU, sometimes I notice that other ECU’s are also programmed, Why is this?

Certain ECU’s and their software must be matched (compatible) with other ECU’s.   So it can be expected to have multiple ECU’s programmed when only one ECU has been selected.   This is due to internal systems dependencies.  An example is if the ECM software is updated, it may be required to update the ACM for proper functionality, drivability and OBD compliance.  Note that this is only for OBD2013 and newer vehicles.

Windows Updates – All PC’s that are running Tech Tool should have the latest Windows updates installed.   There are several Windows Updates that are required to allow Tech Tool to work correctly.

Client Update – Make sure that you have the latest updates, by using the Client Update Agent found in the bottom right of the screen.  These updates contain improvements related to the Tech Tool application and Vehicle data.

Update Product Information – found under the Tech Tool menu in the top left of screen.  The update product information is designed to run automatically.   If you are having connection issues with a newer vehicle, or after software update you may need to manually run the UPI function.   On some occasions you may be requested to run the UPI after changes/updates are made to the database.

PTT System Requirements Update

Premium Tech Tool 2.04.32 DVD or newer is now compliant with Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise .  Upgrading an operating system from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1 to Windows 10 requires an uninstall and reinstall of PTT. 

Premium Tech Tool 1.12 and 2.02
Operations that require a central system connection will no longer function after December 2015.  For login issues please contact IT Support Desk at 877-978-6586.

If you are having PC Network speed issues, have your IT                        administrator contact the Volvo IT helpdesk.


Need Technical Support?

For Technical Support (help with using the software, problems encountered while using the software, communication issues, etc.), please call 877-978-6586 or fill out our contact form: Click Here