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Tech Tool Alerts!

NOx Conversion and EATS Analysis Operation

The release of 2019 New ECM Software may affect certain Test operations, valid on OBD2017 and OBD2018 emissions. Results of the New ECM Software changes are as listed:

  • 2589-08-03-18 EATS Analysis Operation (new)
  • 2103-08-03-02 Cylinder Compression will be temporarily unavailable
  • 2589-08-03-18 Exhaust Aftertreatment System Analysis will replace the NOx Conversion 2549-08-03-03

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you require assistance.

Bendix Acom Update

In early 2020 Bendix will be transitioning to a new, subscription-based ACom platform called Bendix® ACom® PRO™. This package will be available to the market in January 2020. Support for earlier generations of the valuable ACom tool – including versions 6.17 and 6.18, versions you may be using today – will eventually be discontinued in 2020 after a published transition period. You don’t need to take any action at this time….click to read more.

 Do Not Perform Client Updates Simultaneously

Client Update release 2.4.5 and Tech Tool release (2.7.30 and onward) cannot be installed at the same time.

If you have Client Update release 2.4.5 and a Tech Tool release available simultaneously in Client Update, make sure to only download and install one at a time. If they are installed at the same time, the installations will not finish.

End of Support for Tech Tool Version 2.5

Support for Tech Tool 2.5 has ended. We encourage all end users running version 2.5 to update to the latest version. A new installation using 2.7 Tech Tool DVD or 2.7 USB Drive is needed to upgrade to the latest version.  Please contact the Help Desk at 1-877-978-6586 with any questions.

July Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The July Premium Tech Tool Frequently Asked Questions are now available for viewing. This document covers the most important need-to-know information about Premium Tech Tool.

***To view the July Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

For a summary of our top five most asked questions, click here.

Tip of the Month

Volvo Dynamic Steering and Mack Command Steer System

Active Steering Calibration Operation

An improvement to the Active Steering Calibration operation in Tech Tool was released with Tech Tool version 2.7.107 Network Update. For dealers working with vehicles equipped with this system, it is important that you update to Tech Tool version 2.7.107. Details regarding the background for this calibration and improvements are below.

The recently-introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering and Mack Command Steer System (which from here will be referred to as “FAS” – Front Active Steering) requires calibration when certain actions have taken place.

These actions include:
• Front wheel alignment has been performed.
• Steering angle sensor (SAS) has been replaced or calibrated.
• Electric steering motor has been replaced or re-calibrated.
• The FAS or (Bendix) ABS ECU has been replaced or reprogrammed.

Calibration for Front Active Steering (FAS)
The calibration for the FAS system requires calibration of the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and the FAS. Since the SAS is part of the Bendix stability control system, calibration must be performed first using the Bendix ACom application or the Noregon JPro application. After calibration of the SAS, the FAS is calibrated using the Tech Tool calibration operation 6476-07-03-01 Active Steering Calibration (found within the Calibrate menu).
There have been reports of issues regarding the functionality of the FAS system following calibration of the system. In these cases, the FAS system was reported to have been inactive, meaning that the vehicle simply had normal power steering following the calibration rather than the light, highly-assisted steering feel that the customer may expect from a vehicle equipped with active steering.
This issue has been caused by the FAS control unit not properly resetting after the calibration. When this occurs, the active steering function remains inactive until a reset occurs. The Active Steering Calibration in Tech Tool version 2.7.107 has been updated with improvements to the ECU reset that is performed during the calibration.

Chat To Reset Your Password

When logging into Premium Tech Tool, if you receive a “Login Failure” message, please utilize Chat.

Supported Chat Login Failure Error Messages
“Your user ID is unknown or you have entered the wrong password. Please try again.”
“Your user account is locked. Please contact local support for assistance.”

Note Password Requirements:

  • The preferred password cannot be among the last 7 used for your account.
  • A Password requires that you have at least 8 characters.
  • The Premium Tech Tool password expires every 180 days.