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MARCH Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

The March Premium Tech Tool Frequently Asked Questions are now available for viewing. This document covers the most important need-to-know information about Premium Tech Tool.  To search document using keywords, use Window shortcut keys Ctrl+F

***To view the March Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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Tip of the Month


Software updates will be allowed on a UCHP claim if the Truck has coverage for the module being updated and at least one of the conditions below exist:

  • Active DTC’s for the module being updated (PHV will be reviewed for DTC validation)
  • Programming directed by the Technical Support Team and must be documented in the eService case.
  • Programming directed by any documented service information:

The service information directing the software update must be included in the claim.

Software update charges on warranty claims will be scrutinized by verifying that the updates charged on the claim have been logged in VDA+ or PHV.

This information can be found in the Warranty Operations Manual – Section – Software Programming Policy