Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the five most common questions and their solutions.

1.  . I programmed the instrument cluster and I noticed that the clock changed, why does this happen sometimes?
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2. Which scanner should I use to scan the injector QR Code?
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3. I get a message in Tech Tool that my adapter is not supported, what does this mean?
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4. Why do I get error PAR90002 when attempting to change parameter settings?
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5. What is VADA?
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Adapter and Cable Guide:

Click here to access information on connection tips, identifying your truck’s electrical system, and for a description of the various connectors, cables, and adapters (ie. VOCOM, NEXIQ, J-PRO, DEARBORN, Cables: 6 pin, 9 pin and 16 pin).

User Authorization:

Are you having trouble with user authorizations on Premium Tech Tool? If so, be sure to check out the link below for more information, troubleshooting, and example scenarios regarding PTT user IDs, client IDs, and Partner IDs.

User Authorization Guide

Adapters and Firmware Updates:
Need to find out which adapter is compatible with Premium Tech Tool?  See the adapter matrices below for more information and ensure that the latest released firmware is downloaded to the communication unit. Note: Do not use long expansion cables with USB hubs.

Compatible Adapter Matrix for TT2.04 (All Brands)
Compatible Adapter Matrix for TT2.5 (All Brands)

The following software drivers and documentation are available for PTT:

New/Current Premium Tech Tool: Version

Vocom Device Driver/Firmware Update (Version Introduced with TT 2.04.00

Vocom Utility Application


Clean Up and Support Tools:

 2.0x Support Tool:  Designed to assist support personnel in resolving Tech Tool 2.0x issues, used for – gathering log files, verifying installation/functional status, and to perform a complete removal of PTT 2.0x from a computer.

– Support Tool for PTT 2.5.5 and newer: Click here to download

If you cannot find the answer to your question – use the Contact Us page to submit your question to PTT Support:  Click Here