How do I turn off the “Warning” light on my VOCOM II unit?


The VOCOM II logs critical events and errors in an internal Device Error List. The Warning LED indicates there is a logged error.  To view/clear the error access the VOCOM II Configurator Application located under Windows Start Menu>All Programs>VOCOM II.

Under the “Status” tab you will find VOCOM II Device Error List.

To clear the Device Error List, click the Delete button. Clearing the Device Error List will turn off the Warning light on the VOCOM II unit.

To load the Device Error List and display present events, click the Refresh button.

To display only specific error types, click on the Filter button.

For Error Codes such as 1010 Voltage low, 1011 Voltage critically low, refers to the vehicle.  This suggests to check the vehicle battery.

For assistance with additional error codes please contact the IT Helpdesk.

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